Video Montage

Take yourself on a journey through time.

Video Montage.

By piecing together your home movies and photographs, we can create an emotional video montage that you will never forget. Make your birthday, or anniversary party totally unique by showing your guests what the occasion is all about. Watch your most treasured memories from the past, and see yourself growing up right before your eyes. We will be sure to send you on a special journey through time.

As an extra to this, we can also attend your event and showcase your video montage on our high definition projector, just like being at the cinema! We take care to not disrupt your special occasion, and can be set up in less than 5 minutes. Your guests can then be blown away by the show they are about to watch!

All our video montages can be delivered to you online, or alternatively produced onto a physical media, such as DVD, Blu-ray or USB. This way you can watch your memories back as many times as you like!

Projection of a Studio 213 Video Montage at a Birthday Event
Tape Media Digitisation

Tape Conversion.

If your home movies are on tape, we can convert these for you to use in your video montage. Check out our page on media digitisation to see how it works.

Customers purchasing a video montage can receive a reduced rate for tape conversion, contact us today for prices.

But that's not all we do...

We offer many other services along side videography, have a look at what else we offer below:

Photo Restoration

Let us restore your old or damaged photographs, bringing back the memories they have captured. We can also colourise black and white pictures, giving them a new vibrant life!

Video Tape Transfers

Do you have forgotten memories that are trapped on old video tapes? We can convert a range of formats such as VHS, VHS-C, Video8 and MiniDV into a more modern format like DVD, USB, or even a digital download!

Video Montage

Provide us with your home video footage and we can produce an amazing video montage to be cherished forever! Perfect for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays and more! We can even attend your event and show it on our HD projector!

Graphics and VFX

We can produce stunning 3D and 2D motion graphics for your video or business needs. From video introductions and logo ident animations, to on screen graphics and information, we can provide unique and engaging outcomes.