Chef In My Kitchen

Promotional Videography

Chef In My Kitchen

Chef In My Kitchen is a premium catering service covering all of the UK. 

Since 2018 we have been working alongside head chef Shokri to create professional quality cooking tutorial videos and social media expertise.

So far, we have filmed, edited and produced 64 videos for the company. These include quick paced annotated meal tutorials, recipe ideas and slideshows, and informative in depth cooking tutorials for more advanced dishes. 

In the studio space, we have a full lighting set up which provides a bright and inviting environment, which also helps bring out the colours in the food. 3 different cameras capture a unique angle to provide flexibility in the edit, as well as a closer view for the audience. We particularly focused on capturing slow motion during most of the shoots, to give a stunning perspective of the food, allowing us to capture every tiny aspect of it.