Into The Spotlight

Theatre Concert

Into The Spotlight

For the past two years, we have been working alongside Ricardo Benig, the creator of the ‘Into the Spotlight’ theatre show which was initially created to raise money for a local charity, Halton Haven Hospice. The show is primarily a live music concert, but also features performers, dancers and comedy acts.

Promotional Video

Ricardo first reached out to us in 2018 when he was in the process of organising his debut show. He needed a promotional video to help advertise the show and sell tickets. We agreed to help out the charity by creating a complimentary video.

We attended the rehearsals to give viewers a glimpse into what to expect from the show, and also interview some of the performers.

Events Videography by Studio 213

Event Videography

Ricardo was so impressed by our work on the promotional video, he also asked if we could film the actual show in our local theatre, The Brindley.

The Show lasted approximately 2.5 hours, and we captured it from 2 camera angles. A wide angle central camera gave a full view of the stage, while a side camera with a zoom lens allowed us to capture close ups of the performers.

DVD's and Blu-ray's

After filming the show, we produced DVD’s and Blu-ray’s for the audience to buy. They made for a great souvenir for the talented performers as well.

We designed the DVD disc and case artwork using images from the show. Special coloured cases were also used to further personalise the product and give a premium quality finish.

Poster Design

As well as offering our video services, we were also asked if we could create the posters and marketing graphics for the show.

The client gave a clear concept for the poster which really helped us to create the poster he was after. We shot lots of photos of Ricardo, who was to be featured on the poster, in a studio against a green screen. We combined images of the artists who’s songs were to be performed in the show along with a 3D logo in a glitter design.

For this project, we needed to create lots of variations of the poster. Landscape, Portrait and Panoramic versions were created along with an array of resolutions, from web use to full quality A0 printed posters.